Applying Positive Psychology


IMAGINE...What if we cultivated spaces to nurture our human connections?

What if we focused on people’s strengths and the strength of the whole, to catalyze social change?


 What if we asked, what gives life to our community when it is most alive? What energizes us?

How can we “wake up” our appreciative eye to see our abundance of strengths? What would be possible if we changed our communities collective inner dialogue?


BREAD draws upon the research from Positive Psychology, such as: 


Broaden and Build Theory

Positive Emotions Create Upward Spirals



At BREAD, we use Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s research on positive emotions and her “broaden-and-build theory”.

This theory has greatly influenced the emphasis that we place on making sure that BREAD is a place where everyone in attendance, from speakers to attendees to staff, leave feeling inspired, proud and hopeful. There is emerging and expanding research led by Fredrickson and other psychologists on the role of positive emotions in our life. Positive emotions include love, interest, hope, pride, gratitude, amusement, inspiration, awe, serenity, and joy.

*Image on the left can be found here, on the blog StrengthsMining